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Technological advancements and enhancements of drones made it possible to use them almost in every sector. With the rising practice of drones resolution of previously complex and unreal tasks became easier.
+ Remote sensing

UAV remote sensing functions include electromagnetic spectrum sensors, gamma ray sensors, biological sensors, and chemical sensors. A UAV's electromagnetic sensors typically include visual spectrum, infrared, or near infrared cameras as well as radar systems. Biological sensors are sensors capable of detecting the airborne presence of various microorganisms and other biological factors. Chemical sensors use laser spectroscopy to analyse the concentrations of each element in the air.

+ Commercial aerial surveillance

Aerial surveillance of large areas is made possible with low cost UAV systems. Surveillance applications include livestock monitoring, wildfire mapping, pipeline security, home security, road patrol, and anti-piracy. The trend for the use of UAV technology in commercial aerial surveillance is expanding rapidly with increased development of automated object detection approaches.


Commercial and motion picture filmmaking

In both Europe and the United States, UAV videography is a legal gray area. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and their European equivalents have not issued formal regulations and guidelines surrounding drones in the private sector.


Drones are starting to be used in sports photography and cinematography. For example, they were used in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for filming skiing and snowboarding events. Some advantages of using unmanned aerial vehicles in sports are that they allow video to get closer to the athletes; they are more flexible than cable-suspended camera systems

Skill Chart

We specialize in doing the difficult shots. Such as flying in close proximity to actors and TV presenters.We have had the privilege of working with some of the largest names in the industry. We have earned a wealth of knowledge and experience over the last eight years of aerial work and have flown in hundreds of different places and situations. Cutting edge technology and specialist aerial filming techniques allow for an exciting new perspective.

Our custom-built multirotor platforms are more versatile than the standard options offered by others in the global market. Our team provide aerial filming solutions for the broadcast and media sector in both Ukraine and internationally. We are different from those drone owners who just do high, wide and slow aerial shots. Flycamstudio works faster and safer and are capabable of operating in tighter spaces than others.

Our team can truely offer the best aerial video solutions for filming to productions.

  • Frame Design
  • Mechanical Development
  • CNC and 3D prining operation
  • Electrical Engeneering
  • Assistance and Customer Support
  • Software operations and deep tune
Pricing Tables*

As for our pricing, we flexibly approach pricing, always beforehand we settle terms in case of which the customer receives service of the quality required to it. Duration of shooting is calculated in shifts. One working day is equal to 8 hours. Real flight time thus makes about two hours.

* In case of cash payment our basic rate for the working day are fixed 1 000.00 USD for filming with DSLR.

  • $ 100.00 PER ONE FLIGHT
  • Location: Kiev only
  • Team: 2 persons
  • 1-2 GB Footage
  • $ 1000.00 FULL DAY
  • Location: Over the world
  • Team: 3-4 persons
  • over 20 GB Aerial Footages
Restrictions of wind speed for comfortable filming - 8 m/s. Flights over water are admissible on condition of full insurance by the client of a flight complex, in connection with possibility of total loss of the equipment in case of a crash landing.

Our company locates in Kiev, and the rates stated above are applied when shooting in city boundaries. If shooting is required to be carried out within Ukraine we are ready to arrive to you on the car. Time spent in way (there and back), are paid for a rate of half shooting day. If shooting is required to be executed outside Ukraine, we are ready to arrive to you by train or to arrive by plane. We are flexible in pricing depending on volume or other such requirements.

In addition customer paid:
Time at ways or stay for locations (scouting, study of the location);
Full-fledged three meals a day of a film crew;
Room in hotel.

Customer bears responsibility for safety of property of a film crew in way, and also during shootings. In case of damage of property not because of a film crew, the customer pays compensating in the amount of the caused damage.

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