Who We Are

First of all, we want to thank you that became interested in our project. We are team of creative persons, that specialists in computers and robotic technologys. Our main specialization - development hardware for multirotor platforms in particular aerial filming with cinematography-camera.
At first this idea arose as a hobby, when community of the enthusiasts who were fond of idea of electronic stabilizing integrated in group, over time this hobby became operation. We know everything about multicopters, we trace all news feed and subject communities, we test new decisions, developed own line of esc, mastered practically all systems of stabilizing which are available in the market, realized own hardware for receiving desirable results.

Our expirience and carefully selection an accessories - that the way to succeeded to achieve reliability and fail safety for commercial drone series. We carried out enough сrash tests that convinced of reliability. Advantages of such platforms - reliability and fast scalability practically in any place on the earth. We know what flight controllers it is possible to put and what aren't necessary, know as to pick up the correct working couple the motor screw. We can look at the nomenclature of accessories and determine the flight weight and efficiency of a multirotor with the minimum errors.
We have no investors, there are no sponsors. There is an idea, aspiration and persistence in receiving result. All that we developed and created - is made the hands, here in Ukraine. It is impossible to reach the required level without being mistaken, we tried tens configurations, hundreds of hours are spent behind the bench and in a simulator. It not a simple way but we hope it only the beginning.

Our team are engaged in multirotors since 2008, with almost inception of the industry of global drone market over the world. Flycamstudio team - was established to provide innovative technologies and solutions to various industries. Our mission is to establish profound relationships with local and foreign filmaking and innovation - orientive companies to implement substantial improvements in their performances. Our values define the principles we follow in carrying out any and all of our missions, which include: acting with rigid honesty and moral values in everything we do, satisfying our customers with innovative technology and superior service, quality and value, and respecting our physical and social environment around the globe. By own strength during the work formed a recognizable local brand in our field with a good reputation, have respect among colleagues engaged in this kind of technology worldwide.

Technical Features

Our profile are multirotors aircraft - multicopter, which may have up to 12 rotors depending on the payload, which should go up in the air to shoot. Payload for our copters is a camera, on gimbal with automatic stabilization of vibrations, which is developed by our team as well, but the scope of which goes far beyond the application for multicopter. Such gimbals are used on the movie cranes, electronic steadicam, sliders, etc. The carrier itself can reach speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour, rise to any height in the zone distinct visibility. Frequency range is limited only by the capabilities of equipment and radio equipment for the transmission of video.


At this stage, we focusing on the needs of the market and the dynamics of the business - we came to the conclusion that in order to optimize our terms of making decisions need additional financing to purchase additional production equipment, increasing the permanent staff of employees, working area and a warehouse of finished products. In fact we began from null when the industry only started giving rise to the concept of home drone in publics of enthusiasts. Our many ambitions and operations quitted completely impractical, some on the contrary successful, many new drone entusiasts adopt our experience, creating on the Network similar startups of development of multirotor systems.
This events has a positive impact on processes, becouse it help to create the market of services and a sales market, we see that it only the beginning of a new way of development in the global market of drones.

Now our project endures difficult process, teenage age, transition from a startup to the arranged production. Large players in the global drone market already make multicopters are hundred to a year, but will make their hundreds of thousands soon! This that waits for all of us in the future. About half of what separates the successful businessmen from losers - is the persistence. Our business persistence brought waitings, results that we prove best in Ukraine, but we hope that Ukraine it only the beginning!

Global Aerial Drone Market

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

-Steave Jobs-


We have a small stock of spare parts and materials, all the essentials. Cost of materials and spare parts warehouse exceeds $ 50 000

We have a web camera installed in our lab. Web camera with open access, thus we show that it is open to our customers, and everyone has the opportunity to see the build manufacturing process online.Our main customers are TV-channels, production houses and video studios, who that needs to add aeirial video to the already shooted picture,, as well as who need professional-quality pictures with a moving camera.

Our lab is equipped with everything necessary to build quality multirotor platform.

Laboratory flycamstudio


1Pricing strategy: Drones market is a unique and innovative market, the initial high price is a good way to find out what your target market is willing to pay and it can also create an image of quality. Since we are solving someone’s problem with an unmanned vehicle, creating our own niches to show off expertise, and let us to command to form price.

2Product strategy: Initially multirotor prototypes and gimbals are developed for researches and tests, gradually production scheme will be evident. Starting with simple, obvious and understandable to the majority customers multirotors, the list will expanded with other, specialized for narrow purchasing needs types of drones.

It should be mentioned that, in Ukrainian regulations are not in place. Technology for larger UAVs to operate in the national airspace is still immature, while for small commercial and defence drones there are no prohibitions.

Geography Of Our Clients
Geography Of Our Clients
Our clients by country and region
Our clients  by country and region

Growth stages

Today, market is very appropriate for innovations and development in new technologies, so researches today - will make future expansion easier tomorrow. Stage by stage with a head start on developing value added services and derived quality products necessary for the thinking customer - that the way to make this business even more profitable.

+ 2008

When we start our project in 2008th - there was no market for aerial filming with RC camera was not in Ukraine. So we start from null and from null we offered our services to the companies and advanced serviced on the local market, and our services received some demand in the market of an inexpensive aerophotography and 3D panoramas from air, that was absolutely new type of service. It was the beginning of history, when society of people who worked in IT of area gathered what to integrate the knowledge. When interest stops being a hobby, it becomes cooperation. We start first gathered team of independent experts and started doing the unique product in our country.

+ 2009

This year of first attempts to use commercial drones we used RC helicopters with 2-axis servo gimbal, the helicam had low flight time, difficult controllability and bad quality of stabilizing. These factors hindered us to have service of shooting of video from the radio-controlled platform. So we learn adaptation of ready decisions, study with own practices. A set of prototypes and experiments, errors and a disappointment, successful undertakings and serious announcements in future development of a mass production of multirotors, which start acquiring popularity around the world. We began our first drones with the project Russokopter flight controller, adapted from the first versions of Mikrokopter code as the basic controller for drone.

+ 2010

Combining of creativity and development allows to create new interesting interesting ideas for user product list, frames with a vibro-decoupling technologies, fixed and foldeble frames constructions, demper and antivibrations systems. We create the unique style and foldeble designed hexacopter and oktocopter of Flycam SX-series and U-hexa using carbon fabrics and anodized aluminum in a basis. Dampers from two-component silicones of our production. We don't save on quality. In 2010th we first time opened opportunity to order filming from air with DSLR camera Canon 5D mkII onboard multicopter.

+ 2011

This year the market receives a new stage of development, we start working with TV channels and studios the making videos content. It is that period when requirements to quality of stabilizing of the camera correspond to the level of serious projects, we go deep into development, we get acquainted with new projects, being official testers of the leading platforms of systems of stabilizing - we are pioneers in this area within the country and perspective of shooting from air in the sphere of film production. About us write in news issuing business as about the successful successful project with wide perspectives new business of the direction.

+ 2012

Flycam Team developed suggested and launched production of hexa MK Top-series and probably a world-best 3-axis gimbal F3X servo-machines. Of course the best from the point of view of technical characteristics, but not sales volumes. It consists more than of 150 details collected worldwide. We were laid in the three-axis gimbal for the DSLR camera weight of all aprox. 1kg. Preorders in queue for few months. Our team for that time is restricted in number of working hands and logistics, therefore we didn't manage to provide demand on all order requests. Extension of production and solidifying of quality control. The stabilization controller was adapted from the OP Copter Control project. It was the unique chance to receive popularity over the world market, but unfortunately we didn't manage to orient on volumes of production .

+ 2013

Flycamstudio stay more recognizable brand in the sphere of shooting from air with the DSLR camera, line items of our web and feeds always in the forefront of requests on shooting from air in our country in Google and Yandex. While other Ukrainian and Russian teams are engaged in resale of the Chinese frames and gimbals - we developed and launched Ukrainian production of gyro-stabilizing head Kinetics which has popularity at respected players in aerial filming services market. As well hexacopter "Valkyrie", who tooks that year in the competition "Hobbiking Beerlift" the 4th place in the world championship, when we uploaded 12kg capacity on civil drone.

+ 2014

First in Ukraine Flycamstudio team start shooting on cinematic camera onboard gyro-stabilized gimbal on heavy multirotor of a domestic Ukrainian production. New multirotor model designed for shooting with RED camera has 12 motors in basis. In Ukraine wasn't such yet, in the world market similar decisions it is possible a consider on fingers. Also our flagship drone - Oktokopter 25-series stay the most successful decision on a fixed frame for professional solution filming with DSLR camera from air in Ukraine and Russia. This complex will allow use drone for filming almost in any wind conditions. Also we start testing new models are long flyght Okto25-Series Plus and heavy lifting Okto28-Series.

Our lab is equipped with everything necessary to build quality multicopter.

- Viktor Prokopchuk, Flycamstudio -

Our projects don't most unique multirotor project in the world. We just simply do the researches and develop drones and gyro-stabilizing systems as we can better and more conveniently to all of us. It is necessary to mark, that purchasing moods and marketing needs today on global market are satisfyed by corporations, and their approach was created by marketing specialists, not technical engineers. In difference from large players in the market - we give to convenience and quality first of all. Our creativity – not marketing, not commercial approach to earn money from customers, it's one of components in balance between design with high technological decisions.
Explanation of this rule simple and clear - because we develop the technique for use in shooting of video from air, first of all for ourselfes. If this pleasant according for us to all characteristics – we finish a product for start in sale by small batches. Local support on our web resources is of great importance, it's pleasant to our clients and they appreciate support. We are aimed at the market of heavy drones as our experience in marketing competition to mass and cheap multirotors decisions are impossible with the low budget and small-sized production batches like our situation presently in Ukraine.
The market of the heavy professional equipment as gyro-heads for RED camera and heavy-payload aircrafts has narrow purposeful specialization in the environment of the niche directed for professionals, our production not more than 20 multirotor complexes in a year will quite satisfy needs of the local market of need for the platforms expected for increased loading capacity. Exactly in the market of heavy drones - at the competitor companies are expected first of all reduction in cost of production and receiving the maximum profit in the experimental devices. It's the main problem of freak platforms with low level of loading capacity and high-crash statistics. That we make use our experience in development and we never claim mass-produce wich not checked experemental device.