Hiring our drones - you can trust our concern for flight safety. We fly fully insured for crew, 3rd persons and equipment. Our aerial personal were trained in Europe and Asia. We work faster and safer and are capabable of operating in tighter spaces than others. Our custom-built multirotor platforms are more versatile than the standard options offered by others in the aerial filming market.

Leading Ukraine supplier of aerial filming services flying serlf developed remote controlled UAV drones. FAA, FAI qualified, insured. Capture your production with amazing aerial shots on RED.

Over period since 2008, we actually went all the way - from the self-built "on the knee" small quadrocopter to professional multirotor complex satisfying the quality requirements for film footage. We know the price of success and the importance of impeccable reputation.

–Andrii Palekha, CEO

Unlimited Skills

Flycamstudio was established to provide aerial filming solutions for the broadcast and media sector in both Ukraine and internationally. Our values define the principles we follow in carrying out any and all of our missions, cutting edge technology and specialist aerial filming techniques allow for an exciting new perspective. Our aerial solutions support near any camera system - ARRI Alexa, RED Epic Dragon, Blackmagic Cinema - it's all possible. Also all types of compact cameras - Canon 5D, Lumix GH4, Sony a7, BMDPCC. We are specialist in matching almost any camera to a wide variety of lenses. We can shoot all the pictures you need, with a wide creative scope.

Technical Futures

Our profile are multirotors aircrafts, which may have up to 12 motors. We are first company in Ukraine, who already have introduced new techniques and technology designed to achieve the unachievable shot and can replace the limitations of real helicopters, jibs, booms, cranes, zip lines and dollys. Our drones fly further, faster and closer than anyone else in this emerging field of film. All platforms have durable fixed frame and designed to pack down into custom travel flight cases enabling us to work worldwide. Flight limitation: wind up to 10m/s, useful payload 9 kg with flight time up to 8 minutes. Pilots are FAI and FAA approved and remote camera operators are many years trained in cinematography.

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