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TV-channel "Ukrainian drones, "Deutsche Welle, 2015

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, military forces start actively using the drones. Ukrainian volunteers using hand-made drones for monitoring in the separatist-controlled areas of the Donetsk region. How ukrainian engineers make drones for army and perspectives of multirotor systems in local market you can see in the special TV report.

TV-channel "Ukraine" about Flycamstudio

Ukrainian drones and their developers on national TV channel "Ukraine", in the popular news program "Ranok". The subject concerns development of the modern aircraft, the future of multirotor systems and applications within the country and beyond of limits.
What new opportunities are opened with drones?

Flycamstudio on "Vikna", STB TV-channel

Drones market is a unique and innovative market. Main issue of the reporting - how the unusual drones submit the Ukrainian sky? About first Ukrainian team who professionally engaged in drones, who live by aerial shooting, who developed technological decisions. Aerial filming is it a business or just fashionable hobby?

"The Photonews Post": Aerial filming from above

If according the scenario filming wich carried from height of bird's flight, recently it should make up on lease of the helicopter or the firefighter elevator with all that it implies (administrative, financial and technical). And now it is possible to use services of a multikoptera-drone who will lift rather heavy film-making camera to air and will perform necessary filming.


We continue to acquaint with the most interesting high-tech Ukrainian development. This time we visited the FlycamStudio company which releases the aircraft "ground" specially under tasks professional a photo and video filming. Thanks to own innovative development children can compete with the best foreign samples of such class.

"Correspondent" Magazine: Drones are acqure popularity in Ukraine

Flycamstudio company took part in the pilot project of insurance of pilots of radio-controlled models and drones upon damage to property and health to the third parties as a result of unforeseen circumstances. In their plans to make such practice standard for all Ukraine. "In the European countries shootings by multikopter and other radio-controlled models are legislatively settled for a long time" Andrii Palekha, CEO

"CAPITAL" Magazine - Ukrainian engeneers which learn to earn on UAV systems

Development of one product "not for the mass market" can cost more than ten thousands dollars, told Andrii Palekha, CEO of FlyCamStudio company who provides commercial drones in Ukrainian market. According to him, the numerous multikopter platforms provided now in the mass market - are made by the principle of the maximum saving money. Therefore often they create problems in process use — for example, depart not there.

Ukrainian drone developers in "FOCUS" Magazine

New hobby of Ukrainians are multirotor drones. These gadgets not for fun only, using drones you can do business. The FlycamStudio lab is located in a small cellar on the suburb of Kiev. On racks and desktops intricate details are scattered, assembly location reminds rather secret laboratory SkyNet where bring together terminators.

BUISINESS CLASS MAGAZINE - how to earn money from air

At this stage of technologies development is possible to hold a position in the market only constant aspiration to enhancement, competence and professionalism of employees, only developing and being enhanced as in skills of flights and modernizirnizatsiy technique, increasing flight time and loading capacity, making use of the experience and practices, and also practices of foreign colleagues.